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We are committed to helping people learn and practise the skills and approaches that enable them to achieve their career goals.  We offer a range of Seminars, Focus Groups, Workshops and One on One Development Courses to accommodate varying needs and circumstances.  Everything we do is aimed at ensuring you gain greater power and control.  We will support you in your journey to success.  We want you to achieve your goals and get you the interview that will lead to your target job.


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Superb resumes and covering letters get that interview.

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Our Company Mission

  • We will strive to develop a better “you”

  • With joint collaboration to empower you

  • We will deliver superior service

  • We commit to providing excellence for our clients

  • We want to become the most valued company any job seeker could hope for

The Interview Doctor Philosophy


Our Philosophy is to guide you, at whatever level you are, through the unwritten rules and conventions of the business world today.  The dilemmas we face, the possibilities there are.  We provoke questions to get you thinking!   Philosophy – wisdom – be wise. Use us to your advantage.


We Deliver Results

Over a 25 year period, The Interview Doctor has helped literally thousands of people across a wide spectrum secure jobs at all levels. We provide training, mentoring, support and guidance to the young and mature throughout their varying career journeys.  With unique and innovative methods,  The Interview Doctor can get you the results you deserve.

Is English not your first language?

Confidence is a key element in successful applications. You need to be confident that you understand the nature of the position you are applying for and the company's products and services. Above all, you need to have confidence in yourself.

If English is not your first language, you may be less confident in your abilities and not present yourself as well as you could.

Our English for Interviews covers the language skills that you will need at interview. It covers vocabulary, useful expressions and how to use them appropriately. Listening skills are vital: it is actually more important to understand accurately than to speak accurately.


Which is probably true of life in general.


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